Interview and photos with the lovely LuLaRoe Consultant Sarah

Sarah is a LuLaRoe Consultant out of the Tacoma area of Washington State. We worked together to create some images for her to use in her marketing and social media. She is so spirited and fun to work with! And you definitely have to check out her Facebook page (and join her group) to watch some of her online sales – you may find her husband glamming it up LuLaRoe style while assisting her:-) (All flatlay images below provided by Sarah.)

Tell me a little about LuLaRoe & what makes them unique…

LuLaRoe is a clothing company that produces leggings, tops, dresses, skirts, kimonos and a kids line.
They are known for their leggings that are like “buttah” lol. Super soft and as close to your own skin as you can get!

What made you decide to become a LuLaRoe Consultant?

I fell in love with the clothes and how they can be so versatile in styling. Not just that, but they are made for every BODY. The fit is flattering regardless of body type or size. They made me feel good and helped boost my confidence. I wanted to help bring that to other women. Plus, when I realized I can make a living off loving these clothes I dove right in! 

Lularoe clothing flatlay
The Randy shirt paired with leggings

How do you sell LuLaRoe?

I have a group page that I manage. I do sales every Sunday at noon PST. Throughout the week I’m interacting, showing different tips on how to style a certain piece. Doing giveaways, trying to stay engaged with my customers.  I also do what’s called a “pop-up” party. A person will come to me wanting to host either online, at my house, or at their house. I set up an online page and have them invite all their friends. We set a date/time. I explain to people who may be new to LuLaRoe the styles and sizes I carry, so they know what to expect on party day! If the hostess has the party at her house, I will bring all my inventory and set up. That way people can take home their goodies the same day!  I give the hostess a free pair of leggings just for throwing a party. Then for every ten items sold, the hostess gets an item of her choice from my inventory! Easy peasy lol.

How has running your own business changed your life?

Oh man.. I’ve got the freedom to make my own schedule. I’m my own boss – it doesn’t get much better than that! I’ve also connected with a lot of amazing women through this business that I otherwise might have never met. Building those relationships with other women, for me, is priceless.

Are there some things that you never expected?

I never expected how much work it would be! lol! It’s fun, and challenging at times. But you definitely get out of it what you’re willing to put in.

Lularoe clothing flatlay
Irma shirt with various leggings

Tell me a little about your typical day. 

I have 3 children. So my mornings revolve around getting them ready for school and seeing them out the door. Once they leave it’s down to business. Did I get new inventory I need to take pics of? Add them to my excel sheet? Do I have orders I need to mail? Orders I need to make? All while chasing my 16 month old haha! Lunch and nap time for her, then I keep working on my business, posting on social media… do I have a pop-up going on I need to engage with? What are the styles that are popular now? How can I bring LuLaRoe in to that? A lot of researching. Then I pick both the older kids up from school, help with homework, then it’s dinner time/family time. I usually go to bed well after everyone else. I stay awake and think of ideas on how to grow my business, fun things to do for my customers, plan, etc.

If someone was interested in becoming a consultant, what would they need to do? 

Just call me! I’d be more than happy to walk them through the steps. It’s as easy as filling out a form. In 6-8 weeks you get the call that you’re official and make your first inventory purchase. It’s pretty exciting!

Lularoe clothing flatlay
Classic T with a Cassie skirt

Where do you see the direction of the business going in the next year or so?

I see big things coming for LuLaRoe. Word on the street is they are coming out with 5 new styles. That’s huge! And also a must if you want to keep people interested.

What are your hopes or dreams for it?

I hope it just keeps getting bigger and better. It’s an amazing company to work with.

Lularoe clothing flatlay
Lindsay kimono with Cassie skirt

How do people contact you if they are interested in purchasing the clothing or hosting a pop-up?

They can call/message me at 
253-376-9879 or by email:

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